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OROPOS, greece
November 15,16,17

We are honoured to invite Don Elmer and Doña Maria from the Amazon Rainforest to Greece. This is the first time ever that the Shipibo people are visiting Greece. This unique event offers an authentic experience of the healing methods of the Shipibo. Two ayahuasca ceremonies are complemented with powerful daytime healing practices and liberation methods designed to have a profound effect and to support your own spiritual evolution and sacred healing journey.


The Shipibo have lived in the Amazon rainforest for millennia. They are scattered over a large area of the Amazon jungle, mostly in Peru. They speak their own language, which belongs to the Panoan language family and they are mostly bilingual with Spanish as a second language. Interestingly, their society is matriarchal, with women having a dominant say in community decisions.

Even though they were persecuted for hundreds of years the managed to maintain their customs and traditions and they still singing their sacred songs and prayers until today. The Mother Plant (ayahuasca), has played a predominant role in shaping the Shipibo culture, influencing much of their customs, arts, and social behaviour. They are the first people that came in contact with the Mother Plant and they played a very important role in developing ayahuasca as a medicinal healing practice.

We deeply respect the healing traditions of the Shipibo People which have evolved over hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Their far-reaching ancestral lineages carry an expansive cosmology, a vast knowledge of medicinal plants and they deeply understand the non-physical dimensions of being. They understand the energetic architecture of the mind, body, and soul. The Shipibos are the top ayahuasca healers on this planet.


Doña Maria and Don Elmer are kind and open-hearted people from the Shipibo Amazon Tribe. They come from the native community set along the Ucayali River. A community which has a long and rich history amongst the Shipibos. They are married and have a beautiful family. They have only recently stepped out of the Amazon jungle and started travelling together to Europe to spread the authentic Shipibo shamanic knowledge, the healing, the prayers and the wisdom. Both Doña Maria and Don Elmer have a long ancestral lineage. They come from the ‘Astral Travelers’, a family of maestros and meastras where their grandmothers, mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts were all medicine people.



Since his childhood Don Elmer was guided by his parents to learn the healing practices and in particular by his mother, Mama Selmira who has recently passed away. They continue the chain of mother and son, connecting them to the ancient linage of Shipibo healers. He has been permanently on dietas (training through fasting) allowing him to have a strong spiritual connection with the mother plant and other plant teachers. Through this process he has many “special relations” with animals, plants, and spirits.

His knowledge of medicinal plants, sacred prayers (Ikaros) and the art of healing is rich. He is respected in his community for his dedication to passing on and preserving this ancient knowledge. He learned the sacred art of healing, not only from his mother and father but also from the elders, the ancient guardians of knowledge.



Maestra Doña Maria has also been guided by her parents but especially by Mama Selmira in the arts of the healing practices. Also continuing the ancient lineage of Shipibo medicine women. She is a loving mother of three children and a great Shipibo curandera. She sings the Ikaros hauntingly beautiful during the Mother Plant ceremonies, often taking the lead for the whole ceremony and transmitting a beautiful female motherly healing energy in the space.

She has also been permanently on dietas (training through fasting) allowing her to have a very strong spiritual connection with the mother plant and other plant teachers. Dietas enable her to access spiritual dimensions while in an expanded state of consciousness with ayahuasca, where she can call the “spirit doctors” and heal a huge range of psychological, emotional, and physical conditions. 


Doña Maria and Don Elmer provide the highest quality of healing that stems from their lifetime training, and their connection with countless generations of healing lineages. Ultimately all knowledge is sourced from the Amazon Rainforest itself.

What is often misunderstood in this new age psychedelic ‘renaissance’ is that the key to long-lasting, deep healing relies on three very important factors: a. the right plant medicine, b. shamanic practices that are pure and aligned with lineage, c. kind and authentic healers that know what they are doing. When working with the mother plant (ayahuasca) without highly skilled shamanic healers, the psychedelic experience can be profound yet most often does not provide long-lasting healing and in many cases it could have negative effects.

For both Maestra Maria and Maestro Elmer it is their mission to spread the authentic knowledge and healing methods that are aligned with all the three factors described above. Not only they will guide us through the Mother Plant ceremony in an exceptional way, but they will also share with us many shamanic teachings and practices. For the ones seeking healing, this results in clearing heavy energies, transform negative thinking patterns, and healing the mind, soul and body with long-lasting effects. 


The key to the success of the healing carried out by the Shipibo masters lies in their ability to access and work in the non-physical realms of being. They are literally able to see and feel your inner world; your past, your pain, your shadows. Through clearing the pains of the past and bringing energetic alignment to your body, mind, and soul, a transformational process begins: a long-term journey of profound self-reflection, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening.

The Mother Plant: Doña Maria and Don Elmer have a very close spiritual connection with the Mother Plant. The ayahuasca brew served is sourced from their own sustainable mother plant cultivation, and it is cooked at their village by themselves in a ceremonial environment.

Ikaros: To achieve deep purification and healing the maestros sing ancient Ikaros (prayers) in a loving way during the ceremony. They call in the plant-spirit doctors to carry out energetic surgeries. It is the plant-spirit allies/doctors who extract, clear, and purify heavy energies from the system of the patient and then allows the patient to have a spiritual expansion.

Ceremonial and healing Elements: The healers bring Mapacho (wild tobacco) and seeds, collected from the Amazon jungle, which are used as purifiers prior and during the ceremony. They collect fruits and use them to produce a special paint out of them. They will apply this paint and draw Ikaros on the energetic areas of our bodies. This acts as another method of guidance so that we can open new spiritual pathways for personal and universal understanding.


Here is the schedule for our 3-day Ayahuasca retreat with the Shipibos. People may choose to follow the full schedule or if they want they can participate only in the daytime ceremonies and sessions. However, in order to get the most out of this unique opportunity we recommend that people sign up for the full program. 

10:00 Ceremony for creating sacred space
11:00 Ikaros for Integration with Spirits of the Nature
12:00 Purification & protection with Mapacho
13:00 Cleansing the Mental Body: Face painting with Shipibo Sacred symbols
14:00 Dieta Lunch (no more food after this point)
15:00 Ikaros & Dance to Connect with the Spirit of the Water
16:00 Resting Break and Preparation
20:00 Ikaros for Calling on the Spirit of the Mother Plant
20:30 1st Ceremony with Mother Plant
09:00 Dieta Breakfast
10:00 Spiritual & Physical body Integration : Belly paint with Amazon fruits
12:00 Ikaros to Connect with the Spirit of the Wind & Fire
13:00 Dieta Lunch (no more food after this point)
15:00 Fire Ceremony
20:00 Calling on the Spirit of the Mother Plant
21:00 2nd Mother Plant Ceremony
09:00Dieta Breakfast
10:00Ceremony to purify the Sexual Body
12:00Blessing with Amazonian flower water
13:00Special Dieta Break
14:00Closing Ceremony & Farewell Ikaros


Traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca Retreat

All inclusive Price : € 600

A portion of the income from our ayahuasca retreat funds projects on environmental justice and regenerative agriculture. The current main project: The reforestation of the Amazon and the protection of Medicinal Plants. 

What’s Included

  • 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Integration sessions and practices to support your process
  • Daytime Shipibo Ceremonies and Shamanic Teachings
  • 2 Face painting sessions for cleansing the mind
  • 2 Body paint session with healing Ikaros
  • Shared accommodation in simple but comfortable rooms with private toilets
  • Small group size limited to 15 people
  • A skilled team of facilitators to guide you in your process
  • Deliciously simple organic meals, suitable for working with medicinal plants
  • Translation from Shipibo/Spanish to English


For those preparing to drink ayahuasca it is an essential part of the process to have a proper preparation. Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive information about the appropriate nutritional diet and how to prepare your mind and body for your healing journey. You will follow a plant based diet, which avoids all animal products, including meat, eggs, and dairy. During the preparation period which is usually 30 days you are recommended to eat your food as plain as possible by avoiding lots of salt, sugar, and spices. It is also a good practice to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs during the preparation period.

To participate fully in the daytime ceremonies, tools and ceremonial elements will be given to you from the Amazon.


If you would like to register and book a spot on this retreat sends us an email or call us on the number below. Also if you would like additional information or if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us. You can use telegram, viber or whatsapp  to reach us.

We are committed in providing an authentic experience in a safe environment, and a genuine, deep, and lasting healing.

This retreat is brought to you and organised with the collaboration of the Pachama School, Cusco Peru.